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When a man puts bright red lipstick on his lips, it can only mean one thing - that he’s a limp-wristed sissy fag who longs to swallow a big hard dick and suck that thing till it’s squirting endless spurts of spunk down his slutty sissy throat. And Kevin is forever painting his lips with lipstick and sticky red gloss in the hope of attracting a dominant man. You see, it gets him all excited to know that his lips look like they’re made for giving blowjobs - and he also likes using his beloved red lipstick to have humiliating messages scrawled all over his face and naked flesh.


Kevin’s favourite girlie clothes are skin-tight leggings and women’s leather trousers, but he also likes prancing around his house in a pretty pink bra and skimpy thong. His dream is to serve a Master who will force him to carry a cute little handbag and mince around in front of a crowd, while waving his little limp wrists in the air. He also loves the thought of being hooded, placed in bondage and forced to wear a gag in his mouth, or of being pulled across a strong man’s knee to take a hard hand spanking through his shiny ladies leather pants.



Then email pansyfag75@gmail.com or follow @Kevfag1975 on Twitter.

Pansy fag Kevin wants a cock between his sissy lips
Sissy in tiny pink panties
Sissy Kevin paints his lips red for sucking cock
Limp-wristed sissy Kevin in pink bra




Limp-wristed SISSY FAG Kevin likes painting his lips bright red for a reason. It’s because he longs to suck a HUNG MASTER’S cock till it’s filling his mouth with CREAMY SPUNK!