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This limp-dicked loser first realised he was a sissy when he was watching porn and realised he wanted to the women in the scene, rather than the well-hung stud who was doing the fucking. He would stare at the action and dream of wearing the same slutty clothes that the female porn stars were wearing; and he’d long to be the sub girlie slut who got to suck on all those big hard dicks and then feel them ramming through his anal hole.


And so, Sissy Katie started dressing up in female clothes and underwear; and he confesses to loving “lingerie, dresses, uniforms and heels - the girlier the better!” He also admits: “I want to be used by a group of men as their obedient sissy slut while they fuck me, cum on my face and body and also cum in my mouth and arsehole. And I’d want the whole thing filmed and then used to expose me as a slut! Being on my knees surrounded by hard cocks, all ready for me to suck, would be heaven!”


Sissy Katie’s unfortunate wife knows her tiny-dicked husband cross-dresses, but has no idea about his extreme cocksucking fantasies. The poor woman still thinks her husband is ‘straight’ but that might change now this page is online...



Email katie_sissy@aol.co.uk.

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Let’s face it, it’s pointless trying to be a REAL MAN when the dick in your GIRLIE KNICKERS is as tiny as SISSY KATIE’S limp clit...

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