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It is our belief that a wife has a right to know if her husband is a tragic sissy slut, so this page is created in the hope that Sissy Jizzelle’s wife will soon get to realise the truth about the man who shares her marital bed. We want her to see him dressed in a French maid uniform with a pair of pink stockings and a garter belt! And we want her to see him kneeling in front of the bathroom toilet lovingly licking the tip of a huge black dildo, which soon he’ll be sliding in and out of his cock-hungry anus as he fantasises about being a whore for black studs.


No man should be allowed to have this level of depraved fantasy running through his head and expect to keep it a secret from his wife. Surely, she has a right to know that he longs to live full-time as a female and get sent out on the streets to suck cocks and have his hole fucked each day. And doesn’t she deserve an explanation for his failure to ever please her in bed, which is obviously because he’s a total gay who doesn’t like pussy and only loves cock?  Well, just one look at these pictures and she’ll instantly know the truth - that her husband is a total fag who is constantly craving spunk.



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