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Many sissies dream of being married to a dominant wife, but Sissy Chrissy knows only too well the perils of being the submissive T-girl in a female-led relationship. His strict spouse, Goddess M, has a mischievous side to her nature and gets her kicks from pushing her sissy into ever-more extreme behaviour. And so what started out as fun dressing up sessions has grown ever-more extreme in recent months, with Chrissy getting dragged way out of his comfort zone and having to face up to the possibility of having his manhood completely destroyed.


It’s been a scary journey for Sissy Chrissy. At Goddess M’s insistence, he has been shaving off all his body hair, learning to walk in a more feminine manner, locking his cock in chastity and posing for pictures while dressed as a girl. But the games are getting more outrageous now, with his wife forcing him to walk the streets in revealing outfits and flash his clit at passing traffic, as well as taking him to dogging spots where he’s been taught how to suck cock, swallow cum and get spit-roasted. And always with the threat of him being recognised and ruined as a man!



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