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We’ve never understood why men have girlfriends when they’re incapable of being the man of the house. Take Sissy Alisdair for instance - he was in his early 20s when he discovered he loved wearing ladies lingerie and he has a particular passion for putting on pairs of pink panties. So you’d think he’d just do the decent thing and live full-time as a girl and get married to a man, but instead he’s got a girlfriend who is forced to put up with his sissy ways and has to see ‘her man’ acting all gay and girlie by putting on stockings, knickers and bras.


But what’s even more shameful is that Sissy Alisdair doesn’t even want to fulfil his sexual duties as a man. No, he’d much rather a bigger, taller, better hung man came round to fuck his girlfriend for him - and he’d even want to be in the room watching while dressed in pink panties and a slutty, little frock. And once the stud had creamed his girlfriend’s gash, the spunk-hungry slut would even be willing to lick the clean the mess, like a true sissy cuck!


And god, that’s such a humiliating thing to admit to, but Sissy Alisdair has no shame left. What a complete and utter pansy he is!



Then email onefivesix156@yahoo.co.uk.



God only knows how SUCH A BIG SISSY managed to get himself a girlfriend, but perhaps she likes that he’s so keen to be a COCKSUCKING CUCKOLD who’ll clean up a HUNG BULL’S spunk from her gash!