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Jonathan has been a secret sissy all his life, but is finally needing to make that public. In ordinary life he tries hard to be an alpha-male, but the inner sissy just keeps slipping out. He craves to be forced to wear vintage ladies underwear, including girdles, frilly suspenders, real nylon stockings, pretty bras and sweet silky panties. Many of these feminine items are donated to him by his ex-wife, who is encouraging him to become less and less of a man -  not that he ever really was much of a man! He now loves to be known as Joanne, since Jonathan is far too butch a name for such a great big sissy, and he loves to be humiliated and laughed at by real men and real women, who know that he can never be either.


Jonathan/Joanne lives in South Hertfordshire and has a TS Mistress - Lady Annabel of London - who is now forcing him/her to go to the office with delicate women's underwear (which suits his sissy nature) hidden under his tailored men's suit (which so clearly doesn’t). Lady Annabel can be contacted at annabelzx@yahoo.co.uk if you want to help further humiliate this pathetic creature, or arrange a real life meet. We hope to be posting more pictures of Jo in the near future, as well as ever-more excruciatingly embarrassing personal details.



Then email joannegirdled@yahoo.com.

Sissy serving TS Mistress
Transvestite exposed by transsexual dominatrix


TS domme ecposes her sissy



Under the watchful gaze of his TRANSSEXUAL MISTRESS, this masculine failure grows EVER-MORE FEMININE - and just look how nicely he CURTSIES NOW!

Sissy in vintage lingerie