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Terri isn’t the first cross-dresser whose journey into sissyhood began when he stole a pair of his older sister’s silky panties; and he confesses that having enjoyed the feel of her knickers against his skin that he then started secretly borrowing ‘whatever clothes of hers fitted me, whenever I had the chance.’


Many years later and his favourite clothes are still silky panties, very short dresses, lingerie and French maid outfits. In fact, unlike a real man, this prissy sissy slut can never resist the lure of any kind of female clothing and transforms as often as he can. He also fantasises about  becoming a full-time personal secretary or housemaid; and of being shared round among a group of dominant women on who he is totally dependent.


Terri keeps this all a secret, though. Not even his older sister (whose knickers he stole) knows how big and pathetic a sissy he is. Although that might change if enough people share this page...




Then email him at wearingakilt@yahoo.co.uk or get a private peek at his secret pics by visiting his Dropbox account.


Sissy maid Terri in classic uniform
Pathetic sissy parades around outside in lingerie
Sissy Terri in bunny girl outfit


Sissy Terri forced to do the gardening in pink dress and stockings


This MASCULINE FAILURE wants to be a full-time SISSY MAID and dreams of serving dominant ladies who will UTTERLY CONTROL his life.