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While it’s undoubtedly true that lots of men go through a shameful stage where they get off on wearing sexy knickers and bras, it’s also true that only the most limp-dicked of losers haven’t grown out of it after 40 years, which is how long Sissy Jemima has been poncing around in lingerie. Like most big sissies, he started off by raiding his unsuspecting mother’s underwear drawer; and he’s never stopped loving the feel of bras, panties, stockings and basques against his skin. It’s his biggest, guiltiest secret, though, and looking at these photos, you can understand why.


Sissy Jemima dreams of being a slave to a dominant female who would dress him in lingerie and make him suck a dildo, or even take a hard dick up the arse. He also dreams of being locked in permanent chastity and adores all forms of humiliation. He’s scared of full exposure, however, and daren’t give out his real name on this site. He says: “There’s a lady at work who would probably tell the whole world if she found out about my sissy ways.” So, let’s just hope that lady doesn’t stumble upon this site...



Then email sissyjemima67@gmail.com.




Dressed like this, this LINGERIE-LOVING SISSY will never be able to pull a lady, so we guess it makes sense that his TINY DICK is locked in PERMANENT CHASTITY.