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You can’t help but wonder what will happen to this masculine failure if his mates or his family ever find themselves Googling his details and end up on this exposure page. I’m sure they’ll all be totally shocked to discover that Keerah is a closet cross-dresser who loves to get fully dolled up in make-up, stockings and cute little pairs of panties. And fuck knows how they’ll react to the sight of him handcuffed, gagged and blindfolded, or spreading his arse cheeks nice and wide as if about to receive a real man’s dick.


Yes, it’ll certainly be a talking point if the truth comes out about Sissy Keerah - and it’s likely he’ll become something of a laughing stock as news of his cross-dressing spreads far and wide. What’s more, his life as a normal man will be ruined forever and his chances of ever having sex with a woman will be way below zero, but we have a feeling Sissy Keerah won’t really be too bothered about that. After all, you only have to take a quick look at his shameless sissy images to realise that Keerah is a spunk-hungry slut who would much rather climb in bed with a well-hung Master than to fail to please a pretty girl with his useless little clit.



Then email m.wootton91@yahoo.com.

Sissy Keerah takes selfie in girlie clothing
Sissy handcuffed and manacled ready for sex
Sissy slut Keerah spread his arse cheeks




There’s only one reason why a man puts on a dress and lipstick to take a SISSY SELFIE - and that’s because he loves the thought of HUNG STUDS jerking off over his pretty pictures and emailing him to ask for hard ANAL SEX.

Sissy Keerah gagged and blindfolded
Oxford sissy Keerah