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There are lots of reasons why this shameful failure of masculinity deserves to become a laughing stock - and also why no women has ever agreed to go out with him, let alone agreed to have sex with him. There’s the fact that he’s cursed with a tiny little penis; and the fact that he loves to wear frilly ruffled dresses made of satin and silk. Then there’s the fact that he loves to put on a nappy and to prance around as an adult baby girl, quite often with his limp dick locked in chastity and while wearing a silly frilly bonnet on his head.


Yes, there’s a rather long list of reasons why this pathetic big baby is doomed to remain a virgin for the rest of his life. He is the kind of man girls laugh at in the street and think of as a total loser, but what’s truly tragic is that he rather likes the humiliation that so rightly comes his way. Indeed, his ultimate fantasy is to be forced to live 24/7 as a sissy baby girl by a group of dominant ladies who would humiliate and abuse him however they wished - and force him to endure the horror of public exposure while dressed in a nappy and his beloved baby clothes.



Then send him/her an email to vegetable_patch_caz@hotmail.com.

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